Bike Wheeling Ramp

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Designed by our partners in Korea, the Bike Wheeling Ramp is a modular, quick to install product designed for cyclists to safely go up or down staircases without having to physically carry their bike.


Unlike other conventional fabricated steel ramps in the market, the Bike Wheeling Ramp is made from aluminium alloy making it lightweight.


Its adaptable, easy to assemble features create a fast and hassle free installation process making it an ideal solution for retrofitting to existing staircases. The length of the ramp can be ordered made-to-measure guaranteeing a tailored solution for your needs.


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  • Aluminium alloy (AL6N01, AL6063) creates a durable corrosion-resistant slope
  • Modular pre-fabricated structure
  • Convenient adjustment of length without welding
  • U-Shaped groove with ceramic grip tape improve contact and stability of bicycle wheels
  • Angle adjustable floor-fixed brackets that adjust to different angles of slope
  • Rotating brackets within the ramp allowing for easy maintenance and repair
  • Space for the attachment of signs and promotional materials
  • Designed to complement the surrounding area with its sleek shapes and unique design


  • Width: 200mm
  • Width: 73mm



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