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Cyclehoop design, manufacture and install custom made Parklets to suit a wide range of requirements.


Our version is formed of a steel base frame which can be adjustable to the height of the kerb.


Parklets are fully modular, therefore they offer a flexible, user-friendly outdoor solution which can be installed as a temporary or permanent structure to suit the surroundings.


Parklets are designed to be a bespoke product to reflect your personal style, taste and needs. For example planters, barriers and cycle parking, decking, artificial grass could also be incorporated. They are an extension of the pavement, with the idea of providing amenities and a green space to people using the street.

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  • Parklets can be built to any size.
  • Standard benches, planter, low maintenance plants and railings included.
  • Adjustable decking feet that creates a level finish with the pavement.
  • Recycled materials include Stockboard sheets and decking.
  • Turns car parking spaces into spaces for public leisure.
  • Made in Britain

The parklet owners report increases in business in the order of 10% and 20% – a trend which has been maintained and described by one owner as evidence that the parklet has the ‘staying power’.


Do you believe the business has a higher profile as a result of the parklet?


Neil Thornton, owner of Pitfield Street café, Summer with Monika, said:
“It was used very heavily all weekend & best trading weekend figures for Summer with Monika. The parklet will be a great bonus for cyclist and
walkers alike, giving them a chance to sit down, recharge their batteries, and meet friends on their travels. Summer with Monika will be hoping to
see lots of people hanging out, having a pit stop on the parklet, or just having a breather on the way to work or back. It is such a great concept; we need more of these in the city.”

“The parklets have contributed to increases in trade and helped give the individual businesses a competitive edge by making it more visible in
the street and by providing a point of difference that sets them apart from others.”

“The parklet though has definitely increased traffic into the shop…… We’re not unhappy with that.”

“Anything that can set you apart is always beneficial, anything that can add profile to your store is beneficial, anything that can be a talking


Has the parklet impacted on your business? How?


“The parklets have created outdoor dining areas where it wasn’t possible before or extended existing spaces.”

“The parklet has created a much nicer outdoor dining area, extending it out into the road – makes it a little bit nicer for the customers to be sitting outside. An outdoor cafe feeling that they enjoy; makes them feel like they’re away from work”

“If you’ve got the clientele it’s definitely a good investment; it’s going to add some profile to your business.”

“For a business that is never going to be able to physically expand because of the heritage status of the building, the parklet has enabled us to grow. Not so much a percentage increase; more because it offers an alternative to customers.”

“It’s going to give it a nice shopfront because it’s the first thing people are going to see. They’re going to see something that looks good, that looks fresh.”

“The main thing the parklet does for us is that they walk past and they see people eating our food and it’s fresh and they can see what they’re having whereas before they couldn’t see.”


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