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Search for available cycle parking spaces within our Lambeth Bikehangars or Bikelockers by using our map shown below.

Simply type your address or postcode to view spaces and availability in your area.

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Once you have located a cycle parking space, click on ‘Apply Now’. Input your details and a member of our rentals team will be in touch as soon as they can to confirm your booking. They will also instruct you on payment for your key deposit as well as the receipt of your key.

Waiting list

In the event that all spaces are currently taken for your location, please apply for a space and our team will place you on a waiting list then inform the local authority or housing association that demand is higher than spaces that are currently available.

Important notice

If you have seen a Bikehangar recently installed in your area but it is not yet listed on our rentals portal, this is due to the fact we first offer spaces to those who are on our waiting/interests lists and to residents who have responded to the consultation carried out by the council. Once all spaces have been allocated, and these residents have been given their allocation time (2 weeks), the Bikehangars will then be listed along with any remaining spaces (if any).


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Cost and pricing

Boroughs Bromley Camden Hackney Haringey Lambeth Lewisham Southwark (L) Southwark (B) Waltham Forest
Key deposit £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £20 £25 £25
Annual fee £30 £30 £30 £30 £42 £30 £30 £35 £12.5


Latest requests for new locations

It is in our interest to place the secure cycle parking in locations with the greatest demand so if you are interested in having a Lambeth Bikehangar or Bikelocker near you, please complete the form to the right so that we can show local authorities the demand that exists in your area.

The map below displays suggested locations (updated 7th April 2015) where people would like to be able to use a Bikehangar.

Storage type

The Lambeth Bikehangar

The Lambeth Bikehangar

The Lambeth Bikehangar is a popular design for outdoor bike storage, it is in fact the only cycle parking on the highway in London. Its galvanized mild steel construction with a gas sprung door and perforated side panels offer a safe and effective way to protect bikes from tough weather conditions and vandalism.


The Vertical Bike Locker

The Vertical Bike Locker is a great way to store a single bike plus equipment. By storing the bike on the back wheel you use less floor space, so freeing up valuable garage or garden space. Inside the thick, weatherproof all steel unit is an easy access guide ramp and a wheel retaining clamp.

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