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    • YEAR: 2014

    In 2014, Cyclehoop were commissioned by Network Rail to find a cycle parking solution for Victoria Station.

    These improvements were to ensure a more cycle friendly environment, to encourage more people to combine rail and cycle travel and to reduce congestion within and around the station. Used in conjunction, bicycles and trains can help reduce carbon, provide a door-to-door commute and deliver huge environmental benefits, all of which are issues that Cyclehoop are incredibly keen to encourage.

    The locations that were chosen for the cycle parking were the front and the rear of the station by the car park and taxi rank, due to convenience for users and also the CCTV coverage which enhances bike security.

    We designed the 100 strong custom made cycle parking facilities in line with Victoria Station’s interior aesthetic. This comprised of Two Tier Cycle Racks, maximising its footprint, as well as fencing securely enclosing the racks, adding an extra deterrent to thieves.

    The success of the cycle parking prompted a request several months later from Network Rail to upgrade the facility into a repair hub. We installed our Public Bike Pump and Repair Stand to provide a convenient repair hub for commuters in an emergency situation, or just for a quick shot of air. The idea of adding pumps and repair stands at major stations prevents abandoned bicycles and ensure people who cycle can get to their destination swiftly in the event of any fault with their bicycles.

    Overall we have found the racks have been a source of positive feedback from station users. They significantly increased capacity, coverage by CCTV and a more convenient location allows us to provide a more effective customer service to our passengers. Equally their design allows a more efficient use of space at the station and offers a modern and user friendly experience.

    Adrian Gogay, Network Rail