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    • YEAR: 2015

    Our specially developed Bikehangars were first ordered by Lambeth Council and installed on their streets in February 2013. Each Bikehangar provides six spaces to securely store bicycles with each space available for residents to rent.

    Our award-winning design is an effective way to protect bikes from theft and tough weather conditions where outdoor storage space is limited. This made the Bikehangar an ideal solution for Lambeth Council to offer its residents, most of who live in small flats where space is at a premium.

    The success of the scheme over the years has resulted in a further 200 Bikehangars being installed throughout the borough (as of July 2016) providing 1,200 secure cycle parking spaces. The success of the Bikehangar scheme in Lambeth and increasing demand for on-street cycle parking from residents of other boroughs has seen our Bikehangars installed throughout the UK. Cyclehoop currently work with 75 councils UK wide, having produced over 2,000 Bikehangars providing a total 12,000 secure cycle parking spaces.

    The Bikehangar scheme has been a great addition to Lambeth streets. It is a much cherished council service, popularity of which greatly exceeded our expectations. Almost every hangar we installed is oversubscribed and we cannot keep up with the demand to install additional units. The convenience, safety and reliability of this cycle parking solution has been demonstrated by popularity of the 220 units installed throughout the borough to date, the very low damage and vandalism rate and none reported bike theft. Local Police, councillors and residents are all in love with Lambeth Bikehangars. It has proven to be a crucial service in enabling our residents to use a cycle as their transport mode.

    Pawel Ryczan, Cycle Parking Project Manager, Lambeth Council

    The service offered by Cyclehoop was not only efficient and professional but the whole experience was personable and friendly. We are so grateful for our Bikehangar as the area is not safe for leaving bikes outside and we don’t have a lift so it has been so much hassle keeping two bikes inside the flat. The service we received has been exceptional and there’s a real sense of customer care that is very hard to come by. 10/10.

    Bikehangar Rental Scheme Customer, London