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    • YEAR: 2015

    In 2015 we worked with Metro Central Heights in Elephant and Castle, London to revamp their cycle parking facilities for their residents. There were two key areas for cycle parking; the underground car park and the archway cycle store.

    The existing cycle parking was not space efficient. It comprised of Sheffield Stands and wall mounted racks /wheel holders which are known to damage and bend wheels. Due to the poor layout of the stands not all of the spaces were deemed useable. As well as this, there were areas of the basement that was prone to leaks, which often left bicycles standing in pools of water.

    Cyclehoop provided a cycling audit outlining areas that needed to be improved. The following changes in the underground parking were made:

    • The wall mounted racks and Sheffield Stands were to be replaced by Semi Vertical Racks increasing the cycle parking capacity by more than double. These are a great solution where space is limited as they can store an infinite number of bicycles. This was a huge improvement in areas where there were leaks as the Semi Vertical Bike Rack lifted the bicycles up from the floor. Our customised locking arm allows users to lock their wheel and frame using a D-lock.
    • In areas where there was no opportunity to install a Semi Vertical Rack we installed High Density Cycle Racks which doubled the cycle parking spaces. These cycle racks are designed to protect against malicious damage. They have a practical frame rest which means that the front wheel is protected from buckling. The stand also features an integrated steel eye loop, optimising anti-theft protection.
    • Existing Sheffield Stands were replaced with new Sheffield Stands that were angled in a way allowing room for more cycle parking.
    • Cyclehoop also installed a Deluxe Repair Station. This all in one repair facility will provide cyclists with free tools to make adjustments and minor repairs on the spot.

    The following changes in the archway cycle store were made:

    • The Sheffield Stands in were replaced by a combination of Semi Vertical Racks increasing the cycle parking capacity by double and storing them in a more efficient way.
    • In the middle of the room Cyclehoop installed X-Type Bike Racks which allows users to install their bikes semi-vertically and side by side.
    • Cyclehoop also installed a Deluxe Repair Station for the residents.