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    • YEAR: 2016

    In 2016, we installed our new improved Bike Wheeling Ramp on the bridge across the River Lea at the bottom of Spring Hill at Springfield Park. This bridges sits exactly on the Hackney-Walthamstow border.

    It is a key thoroughfare for commuters on a daily basis, however, not everyone has such an easy job negotiating stairs particularly if you own a heavier bicycle with panniers or luggage.

    The challenge of this project was in the design of the bridge which was multi-level as well as curved. This problem was solved by the real ingenuity of the ramp which lay in its modular design. This comprised of floor fixing brackets that adjust to the different angles of the slope. The flexible angle adjustment of the ramp allows installation into any pre-existing environment which is a big bonus when retrofitting cities with historical architecture.

    The Bike Wheeling Ramp has been specifically designed to improve bicycle access when travelling along multi-level routes, and allows to people who cycle to gently wheel their bike up or down without having to carry it or forcefully bump it along the stairs.

    This ramp also includes flip-up functionality allowing for easy cleaning underneath and preventing trapped rubbish or leaf litter building up. The length of the ramp can be ordered in made-to-measure sizes to ensure a truly bespoke solution.

    As former project manager for the Wetlands to Wetlands route I am delighted to work with award-winning Cyclehoop on this initiative. This innovative wheel ramp will enable cyclists to access the beautiful surroundings of the Lea Valley Regional Park without lifting heavy bicycles up steep steps and help improve connections for visitors to London’s exciting new Wetlands Centres at Woodberry Downs and Walthamstow.

    The greenway marks the start of a 3km route that will connect the recently opened Woodberry Wetlands centre with the soon-to-be-open Walthamstow Wetlands centre. The wheel ramp will complement two recently completed public realm schemes at Newton Close and Clapton Common. The initial phase of the scheme was part funded by Hackney Council and the Mayor of London’s Big Green Fund.

    Kevin Burke, former Senior Transport Planner for both Waltham Forest and Hackney