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    • YEAR: 2017

    Designing healthy streets is a big source of inspiration for the Cyclehoop team, and there’s no doubt it’s a hot topic across the country. In late 2016, Transport for London published their business report which has the Healthy Streets approach at its core. This report outlines the healthy streets indicators which play a key part in creating a healthy, sustainable, safe, connected and successful city.

    Our Parklet, which has taken up residence outside Brackenburys Deli in Hammersmith, has the Healthy Streets approach at its heart. We were asked to find a solution for parking bikes on the road, as well as to create a green social space that can be used by the community. The result was the transformation of two car parking spaces into a small urban park comprising of cycle parking for four bikes as well as seating and built-in planters for greenery, adding a splash of nature to the urban environment.

    The Parklet (inspired by our Hackney Parklet) is modular in design and made from sustainably sourced wood. This design features free standing platform modules with adjustable feet which allows it to be arranged in multiple configurations. This enables the Parklet to be expanded to larger sizes, as well as to be assembled and reassembled with ease. The Parklet provides seating for people to sit, hang out and relax, as well as stands to park their bikes. It also features planters, which not only add greenery to the areaĀ but also serve as protection from the road, and haveĀ recessed reflective strips which increase visibility. We are extremely proud to have created this and are excited to work on similar projects in the future.

    Brackenbury Residents Association said:

    “Brackenbury Residents Association welcomes the initiative from London Borough of Hammersmith to install a Parklet in the centre of Brackenbury. The Parklet is proving a popular place to meet – Ā particularly when the weather is good. Being near our local deli we now have something of a pavement cafe, a highway safety feature, and a community meeting place.”

    Sharon of Brackenburys Deli said:

    “We love it. Lots of people have commented how impressed they are with the new seating area and believe that it improves the area while creating a focal point for the village. It is well used by customers and non-customers, especially when the weather is good. We were a little apprehensive about losing the parking spaces outside the shop, but now consider ourselves extremely lucky that this spot was chosen for the first parklet in the borough.”

    In September 2017, Cyclehoop and Hammersmith and Fulham won the Healthy Streets Best Innovation Award for this Parklet. Click hereĀ toĀ find out more:ĀĀ