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    • YEAR: 2015 - 2018

    The London Borough of Waltham Forest jumped onto the Bikehangar Rentals Scheme in 2015 as part of the council’s Mini Holland programme. The borough is set to become one of the most cycle-friendly boroughs in London.

    In March 2017, we celebrated the installation of the 100th Bikehangar with a special photoshoot with the residents and the local cycling officer.

    Waltham Forest’s special 100th Bikehangar resident, Yvonne says;

    “The Bikehangar is going to benefit me hugely, I have arthritis and am unable to carry my bike up the stairs to my flat on the first floor. Now I don’t need to worry about it.”

    After a busy year of installations, we reached the 250th Bikehangar in the borough by July 2018. To mark this milestone, our designers at Cyclehoop have customised a very special Bikehangar with an image of the reservoir in the Walthamstow Wetlands. Residents of this very special Bikehangar will be able to enjoy this special design, while having the piece of mind that their bikes are safe and dry.

    Find out more here: Waltham Forest celebrates their 250th Bikehangar in the borough!

    To date, we have installed 250 Bikehangars in the borough providing 1,500 cycle parking spaces. Reaching this milestone is a great reflection of London’s growing cycling culture. The capital has made leaps and bounds in the development of its cycle infrastructure over the past few years, going beyond simply painting blue cycle lanes on busy roads and actually creating fully segregated cycle superhighways. Our Bikehangars dotted around the city are just one example of this hard work.

    Waltham Forest’s Cycling Officer, Eric Duval said:

    “Finding somewhere to leave your cycle at home can be difficult and a barrier to cycling before you even start. We want everybody to have somewhere to park by 2020 and Bikehangars are the perfect way to remove this barrier. The demand for secure residential cycle parking has grown from 100 requests in 2015 to over 2000 and we are currently working on rolling out a further 30 in the coming months. As a result of Cyclehoop delivering our project, we have been able to complement the Mini Holland programme by providing over 700 cycle parking spaces in 2.5 years.”