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    We are always looking to improve our products and services, which is why it’s really important for us to get feedback from our customers. We know you have very busy jobs but we’d love it if you could take three minutes to complete this feedback form (just seven questions).

      1) Did Cyclehoop fall below, meet or exceed your expectations in terms of the following;

      a) Sales and Customer Service

      b) Product design

      c) Product quality

      d) Project management (if applicable)

      e) Delivery & installation process

      2) How would you rate the value-for-money in relation to your project?

      3) Would you use Cyclehoop again?

      4) Would you recommend Cyclehoop to others?

      5) Why did you originally choose Cyclehoop as the team to deliver your project, over other companies (tick as many as apply)?

      PriceDesignProduct QualityTrusted SupplierGreat ServiceRecommendation

      6) Complete this sentence; “As a result of Cyclehoop delivering our project, we have been able to………

      7) Do you have anything else you’d like to tell us (eg your installers were really accommodating etc)?

      Contact details

      Full name

      Job title


      Email address

      Phone number

      Tick this box if you’d prefer to remain anonymous


      PLEASE NOTE: We may use your answers and any other media submitted in promotional activity and to improve our processes and services . We may also contact you via email if we need more info.  By returning this questionnaire you understand and give your consent.