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    [headline htype=”h4″]A[/headline]

    Adjustable – able to be changed to suit particular needs

    Aluminium – a chemical element that is a light, silver-coloured metal used especially for making cooking equipment and aircraft parts.

    Audit – to make an official examination of the accounts of a business and produce a report

    [headline htype=”h4″]B[/headline]

    Bikehangar – a five spaced bike storage unit

    Bike shed –   a small building in which bicycles are stored

    Bollard – a post that is put in the middle or at the end of a road to keep vehicles off or out of a particular area

    [headline htype=”h4″]C[/headline]

    Comprehensive – complete and including everything that is necessary

    Configuration – the particular arrangement or pattern of a group of related things

    Construction – the particular type of structure, materials, etc. that something has.

    Cyclehoop – a Cyclehoop converts existing street furniture into a secure bike stand for one or more bikes.

    Cycle Rack – a row of frames where bicycles can be left

    [headline htype=”h4″]D[/headline]

    Ductile – describes metals that can be bent easily

    [headline htype=”h4″]E[/headline]

    Establishment – a business or other organisation, or the place where an organisation operates

    [headline htype=”h4″]G[/headline]

    Galvanised – to cause someone to suddenly take action, especially by shocking or exciting them in some way

    Gauge – to calculate an amount, especially by using a measuring device

    Gramophone – an old fashioned word for record player

    [headline htype=”h4″]H[/headline]

    Highway – a public road, especially an important road that joins cities or towns together

    [headline htype=”h4″]I[/headline]

    Insulate – to cover and surround something with a material or substance in order to stop heat, sound, or electricity from escaping or entering

    Integral – necessary and important as a part of, or contained within, a whole

    [headline htype=”h4″]M[/headline]

    M.D.F – medium-density fibreboard: a type of board made from very small pieces of wood that have been pressed and stuck together, used for making furniture

    [headline htype=”h4″]N[/headline]

    Neoprene – a type of synthetic rubber (= made by a chemical process rather than natural) that is strong and keeps its shape well

    [headline htype=”h4″]P[/headline]

    Perforated – if paper or another material is perforated, it has a series of small holes made in it, often so that it will tear easily or allow light or air to enter

    Pivot (Pivoting) – a fixed point supporting something that turns or balances

    Polycarbonate – plastic that is easily worked, moulded, and thermoformed

    Polyester – a type of artificial cloth

    Presta – a type of bike valve

    Prefabricated – describes buildings or objects built from parts that have been made in a factory and can be put together quickly.

    [headline htype=”h4″]R[/headline]

    Reinforced – concrete that contains metal rods to make it stronger

    Refrigerated – to make or keep something, especially food or drink, cold so that it stays fresh, usually in a fridge:

    Robust – (of a person or animal) strong and healthy, or (of an object or system) strong and unlikely to break or fail

    Rugged- wild and not even; not easy to travel over

    [headline htype=”h4″]S[/headline]

    Schrader – a type of bike valve

    Shroud (shrouded) – to hide something by covering or surrounding it

    Submerged – to go below or make something go below the surface of the sea or a river or lake

    [headline htype=”h4″]V[/headline]

    Vast – extremely big

    Vented – to express a negative emotion in a forceful and often unfair way

    [headline htype=”h4″]W[/headline]

    Welded – to join two pieces of metal together permanently by melting the parts that touch