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    NEW* Deluxe Public Repair Station, the all in one repair facility

    The Deluxe Repair Station is an all-in-one repair facility that includes a pump, a wheel holder and a repair stand.

    The stand provides a stable mount for any bike and a range of eight tools to make adjustments and repairs on the spot. The tools are securely attached by retractable stainless steel cables. The Deluxe Repair Station can be combined with our Floor Bike Pump or our Compact Bike Pump. The large surface area allows space for custom branding.

    This product is designed to be bolted to a concrete surface for stability and security, and its reinforced construction makes it resilient to frequent public use. It is ideal for installing at indoor cycle parking facilities, or outdoors in high profile city centre locations.

    Contact us today about the Deluxe Repair Station.