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    Emerald Isle Turns Blue with Cyclehoops

    Cyclehoop are pleased to announce that due to the successful trial of 25 cyclehoops in the streets of Dublin last year, almost 200 new cyclehoops have been installed in an eye catching blue colour.

    The request from Dublin City Council to install cyclehoops in Ireland’s capital was due to the lack of street space in the city forcing most bike owners to park their bikes in lampposts, rails and other inappropriate spaces. This caused the city to look cluttered and impaired the safe passage of civilians.

    Cyclehoops were the perfect solution to this problem as they retrofit onto existing lampposts rendering the need for unsightly bicycle parking while reducing the capital’s street clutter.

    Since their development cyclehoops have been installed in various cities across the UK, so keep an eye out for a Cyclehoop near you.

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