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    Hackney the first UK council to install our new Car Bike Port lite on the carriageway

    Hackney council have purchased three of our Car Bike Port lite’s and have asked us to move each of them to a different location every six weeks, so that they can determine the level of demand for permanent cycle parking on the carriage way.

    Our Car Bike Port lite is a new version of our popular Car Bike Port. It is aesthetically more subtle, featuring a thinner car profile and costs half the price of the original Car Bike Port.

    The Car Bike Port lite is a cost effective solution for councils to turn one car parking space into ten cycle parking spaces. It can be easily bolted down without digging and concreting and is a great way to promote and encourage cycling within towns and cities.

    They have been extremely well received by residents and businesses throughout the Borough of Hackney, who appreciate the fun and artistic design and the message they convey. Hackney council said The response from residents, businesses and visitors has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve received numerous requests to install them across the borough.”