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    The perfect match, Cyclehoops for Car Club bays

    Recent studies show that most car club members would be willing to walk approximately 10-15 minutes to their nearest car club bay. Adding convenient cycle parking allows people to travel further afield which opens up the area and distance covered in those 10 minutes. The more popular that car clubs become, the more likely it will be that users will have to travel for their nearest vehicle; therefore joining the two initiatives makes perfect sense.

    Each car club vehicle aims to remove 26 privately owned vehicles from the road, meaning fewer emissions and less parked cars. The idea of matching up the two initiatives is to allow users to ride their bikes to car club bays and park them securely without fear of theft. This not only increases traffic to car club bays, it also increases the number of cyclists on our London streets, which in turn helps support an environmentally friendly ethos.

    In order to support councils around the UK in implementing a Cyclehoop scheme at their respective car club bays, we are holding a special promotion of £99 per Cyclehoop Lite until 30th September 2014.

    Make the most of our special offer and contact us today– *Please quote this article during any communication.*