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    Want to get more cycle parking in your area?

    At Cyclehoop, we believe in being proactive rather than reactive, working to solve the challenges and changing needs of the cycling community.

    We focus on the community needs through working with councils in providing safe cycle-parking for its residents. Our Bikehangars and lockers can be seen dotted across cities and can be rented often at a subsidised price (depending on which borough you live in) on an annual basis. Our rentals team operates the largest cycle parking network in the UK and it’s continuing to grow as there is still a huge demand for more!

    To this date, we still receive frequent questions on how to get more of our Bikehangars installed on your streets. So here are three top tips on how you can speed up the process of getting one of these units in your area.

    1. Suggest a location

    Our online portal is a fundamental tool in speeding up this process. By simply inputting your desired location and stating what type of facility you want, you are providing valuable data that informs us of the local requirements for on street cycle parking as well as giving us visualisations of the demand within the area. What makes this so important is the fact that we can then take this information to local authorities to help us to push the idea further in the hopes of speeding up the installations in a street near you. Have a look at what the demand map looks like in London at the top of the page, it’s impressive.

    You can suggest a location here.

       2. Demonstrate local demand

    It’s really helpful to demonstrate that your idea has the support and we all know that people in numbers are powerful. Want a Bikehangar installed on your street? Speak to your neighbours, they may also need safe cycle parking for their bikes but have never heard of us. You can ask them to sign a simple form collecting their basic information such as their names and addresses demonstrating their interest. Then you can take this list to your local councillor. Direct your neighbours to our suggest a location so that they can add to our bike figures demand map. You can also give them one of our Bikehangar Canvassing Postcards which you can download from our website so that they can either return to you or directly to your local council.

       3. Write to your local councillors

    Your local councillor plays a key role in influencing changes to your area. Write to them so that you can make the case for speeding up the process of on-street cycle parking.  This person can represent you and ensure your voice is heard at a higher level. You can find your local councillor here

    We hope this was helpful and good luck!

    The Cyclehoop Team