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    Public Bike Facilities Map

    Why we made it

    We have all had those tricky moments on our rides – a loose saddle, slow puncture, or a squeaky brake – and sometimes we don’t have the right tools. That is why we made this handy map, as a resource for the cycling community. Now people can easily locate the free public pump and repair stations that are popping up around London/UK.

    How to use it

    Click the [ ]shaped button on the top right hand of the map to view the full interactive version. It integrates with Google Maps as you can plan your route. If you need more guidance watch this useful 10-second video.

    Add a new station

    If you see a new station pop-up in your area please email our friendly team at with the details and we will add it to the map. A big thank you to the councils and individuals who have helped provide this infrastructure around London and the UK. Although the number of stations is growing rapidly, they are still few and far between. To provide one in your area, take a look at our Public Bike Pumps, Public Repair Stands, and Deluxe Repair Stations and request a quote. Let’s get more free infrastructure out there!

    Report a fault

    Help us keep this community resource in good nick. Your reports of faulty or missing stations are integral to the validity of this map. Contact our team at to help us keep this map up-to-date. Stations are owned by councils or private entities, When you report a fault, we contact the relevant owner to recommend repairs and revise the map if need be.